Take This Spiritual Gifts Test with Your Family

Timothy L. Sanford, MA, LPC

When your child gives their life to Jesus, a transformation begins. A spiritual gifts test helps them discover the gifts God then gives them.

Before opening the link to the spiritual gifts test, let’s first explore what the spiritual gifts are all about.

What are Spiritual Gifts?

First off, a spiritual gift is not:

  • a natural talent or ability with which we are born 
  • an office, position, or job any of us hold or may hold in the future
  • working in a specific geographical location
  • a special aptitude for dealing with people of certain ages.  

Spiritual gifts allow believers to perform specific tasks beyond the realm of their own human skill and ability. Every person who has put their faith in Jesus Christ receives these gifts from God. Every believer has at least one spiritual gift. You’ll discover after taking the spiritual gifts test that while none of us have all the gifts, some believers may have more than one. 

The Holy Spirit distributes these gifts as He sees fit, for His purpose. Each of us receives the exact gift God wants us to have, as you’ll see when you take the spiritual gifts test. His grace alone provides these gifts for us. They aren’t a result of a person’s maturity level, or because we requested a specific gift through prayer, or because of a person’s extensive education.

While there’s no exhaustive list of spiritual gifts, you can find six partial lists in the New Testament. Read through the following passages with your child to get a general overview of the spiritual gifts mentioned and their purposes in God’s church today.

Romans 12:6-8           I Corinthians 12:6-10              I Corinthians 12:28

I Corinthians 12: 29-30          Ephesians 4:11                        I Peter 4:11

Whether all spiritual gifts are available today is a controversial issue in some church traditions. So, after taking the spiritual gifts test with your family, be sure to seek counsel from your pastor, youth leader, or spiritual mentor as you help your child discover his or her spiritual gift.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/wVkAVcseaBw?feature=oembed Listen to Focus on the Family’s Dr. Danny Huerta and Tim Sanford discuss the Spiritual Gifts with Dr. John Trent.

The Reason for Spiritual Gifts

While each believer receives this “gift” from God, the purpose is not so we can use it for our personal benefit. And, it’s not to bring attention or glory to ourselves. God gives each of us these Spiritual gifts so we can help others. That includes those in the local church where we attend and those who are part of the universal Church encompassing all believers around the world. The purpose for each gift is to help the community of believers function better. It’s also to carry out the ministry of sharing Christ with our hurting world.

That’s why there’s no room for bitterness, jealousy, pride, or comparing ourselves to others when we’re exercising our gift. There’s no such thing as an “unnecessary” or “unimportant” gift either. Yes, some gifts are more “on stage” and visible while others are more “behind the scenes” and less recognized. That’s just the way God intended it to be. Please be aware, the presence of a spiritual gift does not immune any of us from sin. We’re still subject to disappointment, selfishness, immaturity, laziness, misusing our gift, imperfections, and error.  Remember, we’re all made of clay.

Complete This Spiritual Gifts Test and Inventory

Although gifts are given to each of us at the time of salvation (most often apart from the believer’s awareness), the outworking of that gift is conscious. It’s experienced as the Holy Spirit controls the believer. It’s up to each of us to discover, develop and exercise our gift. As a parent, you can aid your child in this discovery, development, and exercise process.

This link will take you to a self-scoring Spiritual Gifts Test and Inventory. Start the journey today with your child and help him or her discover their spiritual gifting.

By the way, if you haven’t yet clarified your spiritual gift as a parent, take this time to learn together as you take the spiritual gifts test. It’s a great way to spiritually mentor your child no matter their age.

Discover by Doing

In addition to completing the spiritual gift inventory, you’ll recognize your child’s gift as they experience it. Encourage your child to get involved in a variety of different church and community activities—more than sports or music. Then support their involvement. When you see your child excel in something take note and let them know you noticed it too.

Your child’s spiritual gift may be obvious early on. Or, it may not become fully known until their teen years or even later. Don’t let your child become discouraged if their gift isn’t obvious right away, even after taking the spiritual gifts test. Help your child to be patient. Continue to pray with your child and keep your hearts and minds open. Eventually, they will discover their spiritual gift and grow in their ability to use their gifts to glorify God.

© 2021 by Timothy L. Sanford, MA, LPC. All rights reserved. 

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