Help, My Teen is Pulling Away

We are into a new season and a new year. It is another time of transition of the weather but also of your tween/teen’s year. It always seems around this time of year I hear from a few parents with the same concern- “Help, my child is pulling away….” While there are definitely serious moments and concerns, more often it a natural part of the development of your child into young adulthood. 

This month’s Online Parenting Class, is a helpful short video guide to this normal transitional season in your tween’s/teen’s life. 

I love the line “…we have to work hard to fight for their hearts….” While this is all part of the natural growing up experience, make sure you are not also pulling away. As their life-long discipler, you are still going to need to be a part of their lives and heart life. You are also in a new season of your parenting life. Listen again or think about the 4 helpful hints. Each one of them is a clear simple guide to this process. 

I want to help you through this time, whenever it comes. Each family will hit this moment at different times. It is a balance; don’t force it to come, but also don’t fight it when it does come.